Cooperative Artisans & Farmers

"Honor the hands that harvest your crops."

-Dolores Huerta-


 The Argan Project partners with over 250 female argan oil producers and five families who harvest saffron. Our partners have inspired us with their vision of female empowerment through business ownership, self-directed development and greater social opportunities.

Argan oil cooperatives are a space for women to socialize together and gain a reliable income for producing argan oil, a skill they’ve all acquired from a young age. Our argan oil partners are a group of hard-working, innovative and truly inspirational women.

Our partner argan oil cooperatives are based in the countrysides of the Southwest region in Morocco. In the village of Amskroud, women and other community members built a space that offers educational opportunities for women and children, such as literacy and business training to women and after-school tutoring and language instruction to children.