Women in argan cooperatives have stated that their income allows their daughters to attend school, pay their electricity, repair their homes, compensate for their husband's unemployment and buy health care for themselves and their children.

It is this town where I learned how to make argan oil. I am earning money now and can buy my daily needs. There are no other job opportunities here other than argan. I wish success to this cooperative and to all the women who work here.

Fatima, Cooperative Artisan

I decided to work at the cooperative to be financially independent and to secure the future of me and my family. Whenever I need money, I have it now. I enjoy being part of this cooperative; we organize excursions, we visit nearby cities, and while working we joke and have fun. I can only think of positive things when I think of this cooperative.

Zahra, Cooperative Artisan

I joined this cooperative because I needed to earn a living. Now I am making an income, unlike when I was jobless. My situation has changed thanks to argan. I hope to make enough money to have a house of my own.

Latifa, Cooperative Artisan

I am 14 years old, I am new at the cooperative. I come to the cooperative to work when I don't have school. Among the things that I have gained being part of the cooperative is learning how to crack open the argan seeds just perfectly, and I am also getting to know new people in my hometown. I dream to be a successful teacher.

Hajar, Cooperative Artisan

I started working for this cooperative since its creation. We do everything here. We crack open the argan fruit, we extract the oil ourselves. Earning money for ourselves is a great feeling and it is helping us a lot in our life.

Fatema, Cooperative Artisan

Our Mission

The Argan Project connects female-run cooperatives and family farmers in Morocco with conscientious consumers. Pure and handmade argan oils and saffron, directly from the producers to you.

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What's With the Goats?

Goats love argan just as much as we do. They are known to roam the argan trees, scale their twisty trunks, and eat the leaves and fruit. Goats are master climbers and you can often find them on the very top branch of a large argan tree. Our goat mascot is a symbol of our wholesome products and our commitment to preserving the argan forests.


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