Our Story

Our story began with the rural women of Southwest Morocco.

They are our inspiration and the foundation for the work that we do.          

The Argan Project partners with female-owned and operated argan oil cooperatives and family farmers in Morocco. Our work thrives on collaboration among people who care about social equality, economic stability, healthy living and fair trade. The Argan Project is dedicated to empowering women, families and farmers in Morocco and California through the production, sales and use of argan oil food and skincare products.


The Argan Project collaborates with NGOs and communities in Southwest Morocco to develop projects aimed to empower rural youth, women and families. In 2013, The Argan Project partnered with local organizations and schools to bring hundreds of books from the U.S. and major cities within Morocco to create Amskroud's first community library.



Renda Nazzal, Founder
San Diego, California